The group organised a workshop on “Intelligent Analysis and Processing of Web News Content” as part of the 2009 IEEE /WIC / ACM International Conference Web Intelligence (WI'09) / Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'09) on 15 September 2009 at the Universita' degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Milano, Italy.

The Program included the following presentations:

1. Invited Talk: The Europe Media Monitor (EMM) family of media monitoring applications - Ralf Steinberger, Mijail Kabadjov, Bruno Pouliquen, Erik van der Goot
2. Constructing Event Templates from Written News - Mitja Trampuš and Dunja Mladenić
3. Identifying Differences in News Coverage Between Cultural/Ethnic Groups - Charles Ward, Mikhail Bautin, and Steven Skiena
4. Propagating Fine-Grained Topic Labels in News Snippets - Luis Sarmento, Sérgio Nunes, Jorge Teixeira, and Eugenio Oliveira
5. Multilingual Statistical News Summarisation: Preliminary Experiments with English - Mijail Kabadjov, Josef Steinberger, Bruno Pouliquen, Ralf Steinberger, and Massimo Poesio
6. Opinion Mining on Newspaper Quotations - Alexandra Balahur, Ralf Steinberger, Erik van der Goot, and Bruno Pouliquen
7. Detecting Macro-Patterns in the European Mediasphere - Ilias Flaounas, Marco Turchi, and Nello Cristianini
8. STORIES in time: a graph-based interface for news tracking and discovery - Bettina Berendt